martes, 6 de abril de 2010

FIX University Looks @ Wiki Columbian Elections

Fernando IX University


The scale of the devastation caused by aerial bombardments of the northern Yemeni region of Sa’dah is revealed in images obtained by Amnesty International.

Good news

Philippines move to protect women's rights during armed conflict

The government has launched a National Action Plan on Women Peace and Security.

In focus

Death penalty report
Why China should publish its statistics, plus testimonies from former death row inmates

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Amnesty International Podcast
World Congress Against the Death Penalty, Womens Rights in Afghanistan and 'Tools of Torture'

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Appeals for Action

Stop forced evictions of Roma in Italy

A new plan to close down many Roma camps in the city of Rome, paves the way for the forced eviction of thousands of people and for most (but not all) of them to be resettled on the outskirts.

55055 appeals have been sent from this site.

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Demand Dignity
Join the campaign against human rights abuses that keep people poor

Counter Terror with Justice
Protecting human rights in the fight against terrorism

Abolish the death penalty
Thousands of people around the world are waiting for governments to kill them.

Stop Violence Against Women
Making rights real for women and girls

Control Arms
Join our campaign for a global and effective Arms Trade Treaty

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