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Analysis and statistics have gained tremendous importance for coaches, press and commentators. Spectators are asking for detailed information which allows them to study tactics right from the start. SWISS TIMING developed a scouting system especially for Basketball which meets exactly these requirements. It is easy to use with mouse, touch screen or pocket PCs. Our experienced service team provides the complete data service necessary for Basketball games and entire series.

How does it work?


General data such as team names, player and referee data are entered before the opening whistle starts the game. From the very first second of the match, scouters capture all relevant actions of a player or team using an interactive, intuitive entry mask. Scouting parameters like blocks, assists, turnovers, steals, throws can be individually defined and are immediately transferred to a database. In the blink of an eye, TV viewers, commentators, internet users as well as the spectators have real-time access to the number of personal fouls and offence rebounds. Finally, toplists and cumulative statistics are generated at the push of the button even for entire series.

Scope of service

  • Registration and accreditation
  • Competition control and management software
  • Scouting PC with handheld PCs or touch screens
  • Timing PC with interface to official timekeeping and manual timing software ”WinClock” as backup function
  • Online interface for Internet live results
  • OVR
  • TV graphics
  • Analysis tools such as tvPAINT

Scoring and Scouting

  • Automatic competition control
  • Gathering and processing of match relevant data
  • Calculation of results (cumulative player and team statistics, standings, ranking, cup rankings)


  • Creation and printing of start lists, data entry and results production
  • Provision of distances, points and results to real-time displays such as scoreboards
  • Live results to TV graphics, information systems and Internet

TV graphics

TV graphics

  • Development and design (also for scoreboards)
  • Production of online graphics in 2D and 3D SD and HD
  • Full screen graphics (tournament schedule, seeding, tables, etc.)
  • Permanent score and match time
  • Penalties
  • Statistics
  • Editable graphics (if ordered)
  • Graphics layout in accordance with the brand guidelines
  • Integration of sponsor logos

Analysis tool

  • Actions or situations are explained to TV viewers using a powerful tool for drawing in TV pictures

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