viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

What If You Had a Party and No One Went?

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  • Nobody is saying we must flood African countries with mass immigration to make them more multicultural.

    Nobody is saying we must flood Asian countries with mass immigration to make them more multicultural.

    This is happening in EVERY White country and ONLY White countries. It is geNOcide!

    Multiculturalism and mass immigration into White countries and ONLY White countries is GENOCIDE.

    Anti-racism is a code word for anti White.

  • europe is the best! :D

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  • Animals come on Friday evening on streets of many European cities.

  • Few, years ago, a group of French tourists spend their vacations in one of the touristic destinations in my country, on a small Island of the Adriatic sea archipelage..They enter during the nighttime in one of our local, very small ,Catholic churches, dedicated to Virgin Mary, and disacrated that holy place, making all kind of blasphemies, sex at the pavement, etc etc. The hearths of our people were crying !!!!!

    Tell me , what do you think, who is the real ANIMAL ???

  • This animals can't be educated. Believe I live in France and they are still animals. The only solution is a total extermination of this race.

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  • Great video!

    human beings are idiots but lets hope there aren't enough bearded angry horrible woman hating gits in the world to bring about ISLAM ruling the planet. Hopefully even the bearded idiots seen in this video will gradually notice how much better off and free people are in the west and we will convert them to freedom and civilization.

  • Hello ! you German boy, where do yo tell me i have to go ??

    To my homeland ?? But I am in my homeland, I am Croat, i am living in Croatia, I am Cristian, and Croatia is in Europe, if you are so stupid, and you dont know that .

    But I just wanted to tell that I am happy that muslims will bring sharia in your fucked westerneuropean countries, ha ha ha.You will be muslim countries in the future ( I hope for you), while we will always remain Cristian. Au Revoir paganic atheistic westerners !


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