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Course Logistics and Grading

Video Lectures
  • Lectures will be made available weekly, for a total of six weeks. In a given week, there will generally be 120-150 minutes of required material, plus additional optional material (some review, some advanced topics).
  • On the right side of the lectures you can find PDFs of the slides.
  • You can download the .mov file format of the lectures for offline viewing.
Weekly Programming Assignments and Problem Sets
  • Each week (Monday at 12:00 AM PST) there will be a new problem set and a new programming assignment.
  • The "soft deadline" is generally 14 days later (11:59 PM PDT on the second Sunday). Around the holidays some deadlines are extended (see the Syllabus for details).
  • The hard deadline is 11:59 PM PST on February 10, 2013.
  • Submissions are not allowed after the hard deadline.
  • Submissions in between the soft deadline and hard deadline will receive 50% credit.
  • For each problem set you are allowed a maximum of two attempts (we'll use the best score).
  • For each programming assignment you're allowed a maximum of 10 attempts (we'll use the best score).
Grading / Certificate of Accomplishment
  • The grading will be 30% problem sets, 30% programming questions, and 40% for the final exam.
  • Each programming assignment and problem set will be scaled to 5 points.
  • The final exam will be worth 40 points.
  • Everybody earning at least 70 points receives a certificate of accomplishment.
Theory Problems
  • These are totally optional theory questions (no deadlines or credit given).
  • We encourage you to attempt these questions and discuss them in the forums to develop a deeper understanding of the design and analysis of algorithms.

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